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Cord Cutting Masterclass.

energy medicine

Space Cleansing Ritual Masterclass.

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Break Up In a Box Course.

sovereign heart

Mystic Study

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Technology of Egypt Course

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Sacred Sexuality Course

sovereign heart

Sexual Healing Course

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Sexual Healing In-Person Treatment

body autonomy
frequently asked questions

Can I schedule a session with Dr. Campbell?

How many treatments are needed for improvement?

Each person's journey to healing is unique, and therefore the number of treatments required can vary. Acupuncture and holistic healing are not quick fixes but rather a lifelong exploration of self-discovery and well-being. We recommend dedicating time, energy, and resources to your self-care plan for optimal results.

Will Dr. Campbell's courses facilitate my healing?

It's important to note that our courses are designed for educational purposes and are not intended to diagnose or treat any specific illnesses. However, they can offer valuable insights and support in managing symptoms related to anxiety and depression.

Can the courses help me move on from my past relationship?

Healing and moving forward from past experiences is a personal journey that takes time and varies for each individual. Our courses provide a roadmap and blueprint for creating the life you desire, allowing you to refine yourself and your attractions as you progress.

Can I teach the courses after completing them?

While Dr. Campbell's courses provide extensive knowledge, it is advised not to re-teach the content to others without proper training. If you are interested in becoming a practitioner or sharing her curriculum, you can inquire about our private teacher training program.

Does purchasing a course establish Dr. Campbell as my primary care physician?

Online courses do not establish Dr. Campbell as your primary care physician. They are not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. For diagnoses and treatments, we recommend consulting with your primary care physician.

What access do I receive when purchasing a course?

By purchasing a course, you gain access to PDF materials and video content. These courses are designed for self-study, allowing you to work through your healing journey at your own pace. Completion times vary, ranging from a weekend to several years, depending on individual progress.

Is Mystic Study compatible with my religion?

Mystic Study and exploring different perspectives on the world do not have to contradict your religious beliefs. Embracing diverse thoughts, philosophies, and realities can deepen your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

What if I need additional support after taking a course?

Should you desire further support, private sessions with Dr. Campbell or our trained staff members are available. Many clients find it beneficial to complement their online course experience with personalized check-ins for deeper exploration.